News and publications about HyET Hydrogen.

23 mei 2023

HyET Hydrogen and ENPRO sign an MOU to collaborate on electrochemical hydrogen processing technologies.

This agreement is an important step that sets a collaborative basis towards the series production of HyET Hydrogen's electrochemical hydrogen equipment.

15 november 2021

HyET Hydrogen B.V. Team wins


6 oktober 2021


Australian based Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) has acquired a 60 per cent stake in Dutch based High yield Energy Technologies (HyET) Group and provided the majority share of financing for the expansion of HyET Solar’s Dutch Solar PV factory.

11 januari 2021

Interview De Ingenieur

Proef met bijmengen waterstof in aardgasnet.

17 december 2020

SoCalGas to Test Technology that Could Transform Hydrogen Distribution and Enable Rapid Expansion of Hydrogen Fueling Stations

New device separates hydrogen from natural gas when the two gases are blended in pipelines

4 december 2020

Partnership HyET Hydrogen and H2H Energy

Netherlands and Australian hydrogen companies partner up to integrate electrochemical compression systems and purifiers into hydrogen systems in Australia and NZ

9 november 2020

(NL) Documentaire Waterstof

Onlangs verscheen de nieuwe waterstof documentaire gemaakt door Tilly Scholtze op BusinessChannel 1. De documentaire belicht de opkomende energietransitie en de rol van waterstof hierin. Het laat de kracht en creativiteit van de bedrijven zien die voorop lopen in de waterstofindustrie.

14 oktober 2020

Why purify?

Although hydrogen is the most abundant molecule in the universe it hardly occurs in a free form on earth, but rather in a bonded form such as in methane and water. When hydrogen is produced from natural resources such as water or hydrocarbons, it is not in a pure form.

28 september 2020

The Beauty of Silence

We all know that person that decides to mow his lawn at 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning

14 september 2020

Maintenance & Utilization

Currently hydrogen is compressed with mechanical compressors. These are good for industrial sites, but less so for petrol stations along roads. They are bulky, make more noise and maintenance would be needed.

28 augustus 2020

Compression in one single stage

HyET’s Electrochemical Hydrogen Compression technology is specifically designed to perform the purification and compression step using one piece of equipment. This results in an energy efficient, cost-effective and compact process.

7 april 2020

H2 Mission in Japan

A nice article written by Jaime Donata from DuurzaamBedrijfsleven, in which Maria Fennis talks about the H2 mission in Japan.

27 februari 2020

The ICCUS and Hydrogen summit in Riyadh Saudi-Arabia

HyET Hydrogen will be a part of the ICCUS and Hydrogen summit in Riyadh Saudi-Arabia

5 februari 2020

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Expo

HyET Hydrogen will be a part of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo

4 februari 2020


Samenwerking Gelderse waterstofbedrijven met Chinese partijen

21 mei 2019

Dutch HyET Hydrogen B.V. sets another hydrogen compression world record

HyET Hydrogen, based in Arnhem (The Netherlands) and Berkeley (USA), has achieved a new milestone in its technical development.

10 april 2019

The Power-to-Power project

HyET Hydrogen participates in the Power-to-Power project. The Power-to-Power project is an initiative aimed at promoting the province of Gelderland as a forerunner in the energy transition

13 februari 2019

The CO-TECH project

HyET Hydrogen is part of the CO-TECH project

13 februari 2019

The CONVERGE project

HyET Hydrogen is part of the CONVERGE project. The CONVERGE project will demonstrate a new innovative process that will make biodiesel competitive with fossil fuels in terms of both effectiveness and price.

11 januari 2019

The Vibrant Gujarat Business Summit 2019

HyET participates in the Vibrant Gujarat Business Summit 2019

11 januari 2019

HyET participates in the Green Energy Technologies mission to Korea

HyET will be exhibiting its capabilities in green tech as part of the global mission of sustainability

21 september 2018

HyET Hydrogen visits Solar Power International 2018

HyET Hydrogen and HyET Solar will be present at the Solar Power International and Energy Storage convention.

12 april 2018

Shell Technology Ventures and Anglo American Platinum acquire a share in Dutch HyET Hydrogen B.V.

New investors understand the value of HyET’s breakthrough hydrogen compression technology