The Power-to-Power project

10 april 2019

HyET Hydrogen participates in the Power-to-Power project. The Power-to-Power project is an initiative aimed at promoting the province of Gelderland as a forerunner in the energy transition

A consortium consisting of 10 parties have signed a letter of intent that has been presented to the Stadhuis in Arnhem.

The project will build an installation where energy produced by renewable sources when supply exceeds demand will be stored in the form of hydrogen. This will help to resolve one of the key challenges in the energy transition: mitigating the supply-demand mismatch of energy generated from renewable sources. This initiative is among the first of its kind in the world and offers a promising alternative to batteries as a viable storage option (hydrogen can store 20 to 40 times more energy than existing battery technology).

HyET's electrochemical hydrogen compression and purification technology provides a key piece of the puzzle by enabling efficient, compact and silent compression of hydrogen up to 900 bar. Further information on this groundbreaking project can be found below (Dutch only):

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