Partnership HyET Hydrogen and H2H Energy

4 december 2020

Netherlands and Australian hydrogen companies partner up to integrate electrochemical compression systems and purifiers into hydrogen systems in Australia and NZ

HyET Hydrogen and H2H Energy have announced a partnership for the integration of HyET’s electrochemical compression systems and purifiers into H2H Energy’s systems and projects, with a primary focus on hydrogen refuelling stations.

This partnership offers HyET Hydrogen, from the Netherlands, the opportunity to enter the Australian and New Zealand markets. For Australian company H2H Energy, the value lies in the opportunity to integrate the latest in hydrogen compression technology into both its own and its clients’ systems.

“Compression is the Achilles’ heel of hydrogen refuelling stations,” said Cranston Polson, CEO H2H Energy. “Innovation is required in this area and I believe electrochemical compression could be the solution. HyET Hydrogen’s electrochemical hydrogen compressors are an exciting technology, and we are pleased to partner with HyET as their integrators in our region.”

H2H Energy is a hydrogen-specific technical consultancy delivering complete end-to-end project solutions, with a heavy focus on hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and vehicle testing.

HyET Hydrogen is leading the field of electrochemical hydrogen compression with the introduction of the first commercially-viable Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor (EHC) in 2017.

With more than 15 years in the hydrogen industry, H2H Energy provides the hands-on expertise required to integrate HyET’s technology into complete systems, allowing HyET the opportunity to expand in the rapidly-growing Australian and New Zealand hydrogen markets. This strategic partnership will benefit Australia’s hydrogen industry greatly, bringing a new, innovative offering for hydrogen compression to the market.

“Cooperation with strong local partners is key for introducing novel hydrogen compressor systems like HyET’s electrochemical compressor,” according to Maria Fennis, CEO of HyET Hydrogen. “We are therefore both excited and grateful, to partner with H2H Energy to jointly improve the operational performance of hydrogen refuelling stations and other high-pressure hydrogen storage facilities in the Australian and New Zealand markets.” 

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