Senior Mechanical Engineer

20 januari 2021

At HyET Hydrogen the primary responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer is the design and maintenance of HyET Hydrogen’s Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressors (EHC) and Purifier.

A mechanical engineer is expected to work with the R&D, Electrical, Project and Production Department/teams. The responsibilities of a mechanical engineer are: 

  • The engineer is expected to form part of a multi-disciplinary teams focused on delivering project-orientated results;
  • The teams will comprise of external and internal deliverables, including R&D and optimization functions;
  • The engineer is responsible to deliver designs, reports, calculations and other deliverables on-time, accurately and of a high quality.
  • The engineer will be required to create innovative and cost-effective concepts and designs utilizing CAD (Solidworks); it is expected that CAD assemblies and technical drawings are completed according to HyET conventions and ISO standards.
  • The engineer is expected to compile and deliver accurate and quality reports in a timely manner.
  • The engineer’s tasks, priorities and delivery dates will be clearly (and fairly)  defined by the Lead Engineer; it is the responsibility of the mechanical engineer to apply time management skills to ensure the deadlines are met.

HyET Hydrogen is primarily a technological and R&D driven company, it is therefore required that mechanical engineers be versatile, adaptable and eager to support – It can be required that tasks be performed that is outside of the normal/defined scope of work to support the company and colleagues during critical phases of the development.

The following tasks/roles can be expected:

  • Generate cost-effective and efficient concepts/designs; taking into account manufacturability, availability and functionality.
  • Create CAD model assemblies and components efficiently and accurately.
  • Complete technical drawings according to ISO standard.
  • Investigate and report on PED and other certifications based on designs.
  • Generate innovative concepts and solutions to optimize and solve current problems.
  • Perform mechanical strength, lifecycle and failure calculations.
  • Perform efficient time management and self-management to deliver tasks on-time.
  • Perform research and generate reports on materials and design comparisons.
  • Investigate Quality Management and Inspection procedures and recommend good process practices and solutions.

We are looking for a fulltime mechanical engineer with:

  • 5+ years of experience in gas system design;
  • Experience in PFD, P&ID, HAZOP and System Design;
  • Experience in using Solidplant and Solidworks for System Design and Concept realization;
  • Knowledge of pneumatics and hydraulics for high pressure designs;
  • Preferentially experienced in ATEX and Pressure Vessel designs and certification;
  • Good Knowledge of pipe and tubing design layout;
  • A self-motivated and driven mindset and eagerness to solve complicated engineering challenges.
  • Experience with hydrogen is an advantage!

Are you enthusiastic about this vacancy and do you fit the profile we are looking for? Send your resume and a motivation letter to today.

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