HyET HCS100 .

The HCS100 Hydrogen Compressor Stack is the building block for compressor capacities varying from 2 kg/d for Building Heat & Power up to 2000 kg/d for Transport & Mobility markets. During the design process, some key features have been taken into account, including low CAPEX and OPEX, compression and purification with one unit and high efficiency.
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  • No moving parts
  • Compact
  • Low energy consumption
  • No vibrations

The New Standard in Hydrogen Compression

The HCS100 is competitive with alternative hydrogen compression systems, designed for single stage compression up to 875 barg at less than 4 kWh/kg. It is scalable for almost any customer specifications in terms of pressure and flow rate. The HCS 100 has built-in redundancy systems to ensure high-pressure hydrogen is always available.

Modular design

More stacks = more capacity

Electrochemical Hydrogen

Up to 875 bar in a single stage, throughput from 0-100%

High Efficient

Propriety high efficient power electronics

HyET is now taking orders for delivery of EHC systems. Purchase and rental units available.

Questions? Please contact info@hyethydrogen.com for more information.