HyET Hydrogen.

HyET offers innovative, technical solutions to help our customers meet their targets. HyET supplies fully engineered electrochemical hydrogen compression and purification systems from 5 to 1000 bar and at a capacity of 10kg/day and upwards. Our customers range from operators of hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) and industries using high purity hydrogen in their processes to utility companies and SMEs. HyET’s Electrochemical Hydrogen Purification and Compression (EHPC) technology significantly lowers CAPEX and OPEX of the hydrogen supply chain for all current industrial hydrogen markets as well as for future FCEV related markets and applications.

From fossil to pure abundant energy

HyET develops technologies that enable the large-scale introduction of decentrally generated renewable energy. The group provides essential pieces of the puzzle to create performance and cost parity between renewable and traditional fossil energy applications.

about HyET Group

The new standard in hydrogen compression

  • reliable and robust
  • cost-effective
  • fully silent and compact
  • solid-state
  • low-maintenance: no moving parts
  • proven