HyET Hydrogen’s electrochemical hydrogen compressor fills essential technology gaps in the hydrogen supply, storage, and conversion chain. Our customers vary from large manufacturers to cleantech SME’s. What they all have in common is a desire to reduce cost and increase efficiency in the way they use hydrogen.

HyET’s Electrochemical Hydrogen Purification and Compression (EHPC) technology significantly lowers CAPEX and OPEX of the hydrogen supply chain for all current industrial hydrogen markets as well as for future FCEV markets

Our electrochemical compression technology allows simultaneous separation and purification of hydrogen gas present in a (mixed) gas stream. Proton exchange membranes in the EHC only allow the transport of protons and block other gas species from permeating. Selective hydrogen extraction can be achieved from different types of gas mixtures. This results in high quality, fuel cell grade hydrogen.

HyET´s EHC technology presents a very attractive alternative to the incumbent, expensive gas separation techniques such as cryogenic distillation, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or (palladium) membrane filtration.

HyET’s EHC is able to selectively extract and purify hydrogen from a wide range of gas mixtures because the working principle enables operation across a wide range of operating (partial) pressures. HyET’s technology is proven to be effective to extract pure hydrogen from methane and nitrogen gas streams containing hydrogen concentrations below 10%.

Industrial applications: H2 recycling

H2 used at large scale in a number of industries, including petrochemical industry, ammonia

production, steel manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing. Balancing gas streams/recovering waste hydrogen will become an important aspect in lowering emissions of these industries. HyET’s technology will enable the purification of hydrogen from gas streams containing nitrogen or methane (in the latter case increasing the value of both gasses).