The HyGrid project

The key objective of the HyGrid project is the design, scale-up and demonstration at industrially relevant conditions a novel membrane based hybrid technology for the direct separation of hydrogen from natural gas grids.

The HyGrid project funded by the FCHJU focuses on the selective extraction of H2 from the natural gas grid through a novel membrane-based hybrid technology. The targeted recovery rate of 80% from 10% H2 in methane will be validated in a prototype system of 25 kg/day.

Together with a palladium membrane module, HyET’s EHP will be used to extract the H2 from the natural gas. A low-pressure drop of the gas mixture flowing through the EHP, together with a high recovery rate at a low energy demand are the most important targets. HyET has designed a new EHP platform for this application and is capable of extracting at least 60% of the H2 with an energy demand of only 4 kWh/kg.

This new EHP will be integrated into the prototype system together with the palladium membrane module and a temperature swing adsorber and will be validated in the second half of 2019 at a neighbouring site.

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